Saturday, September 17, 2011

Abduction, VIP Premiere

So on September 15, 2011 I was invited to go see the VIP special premiere of Taylor Lautner's Abduction. I must say I was in fact very impressed. 
I have never been a huge Taylor fan, but he was pretty good and very impressive in this action packed, 'Bourne' type movie. 
Filmed in the city of Pittsburgh, Lautner plays Nathan an average kid with deep rooted secrets he doesn't even know about, just yet. Of course it wouldn't be Hollywood without a love interest, Taylor's co-star Lilly Collins plays his love, Karen. 
This movie is action packed from start till finish, not your typical "teen" movie at all. Bring your boyfriends as they will love the ass kicking and the action.
Taylor having a background in martial arts training, went to Pittsburgh a few weeks before filming began to start with some boxing, to get prepared.
Lautner's costar, Jason Isaacs said, "Lautner can take on the entire cast with both arms tied behind his back." when interviewed on the black carpet in reference to his skills as an action star. Lautner did most of his stunts himself, including the one with him sliding down the roof of PNC Park; home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
This even was the first of it's kind, not only did they do a live stream from the black carpet of LA, but 20 cities were picked to sit and watch the live stream and the movie, before its highly anticipated release date of September 23. 

Action, guns, fighting, teen angst and of course Taylor's abs makes this move a must see.
I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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