Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alex Meraz, shirtless

A sexy look at Alex Meraz, ready for a day of shooting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kiwoa cleans up well

When I am wrong about someone I will say it. I am not sure if I am wrong about Kiowa Gordon aka Embry from the Twilight Saga's wolf-pack, but I can say he does in fact clean up nicely.
All the premieres and all of the promos I have seen him I don't think he has ever been clean and sober, but at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere the other night, he certainly finally seemed it.
He seemed calm cool and collected. Not overtly cocky, finally comfortable where he was and who is was. 
My hat goes of to you Kiowa, bravo for the clean up.
You may not have signed up to be a role model, but being in the spot light and one of the most successful franchises of all times makes you just that. 
Now don't you all start name calling and telling me your professors had smoked weed too, I could care less about them. The only person I care about in this instance is him. He is a role model like it or not, he does have a certain responsibility to uphold and an image. Smoke and drink all you want, just don't put it out there for the world to see, judge and critique. 
But however long this new image of Mr. Gordon is there for I don't care, at least we all know that he does in fact exist.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Breaking Dawn Convention

Here is a picture of Jackson Rathbone to get this started

Alex Meraz, takes flight on stage:

Tinsel Korey picking on Alex Meraz:

Ashley Greene at the Cullen Panel:

Jackson, Ashley, Elizabeth and Peter:



Liz and Peter:

Daniel Cudmore:

 Alex & Christian Camargo at the Sunday brunch:

Charlie Bewley:
 Christian Camargo:

Christian and Mia Maestro Panel:

Mia Maestro, Carmen Denali:

Kristen Stewart:

Kristen and Rob:



Taylor Lautner:

Charlie at the Wedding reception:

Tinsel at the Wedding Reception:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Travel Time

It's about 10 am EST time and I should be running around like a chicken with my head cut off as I make my final preparations for my trip to LA, but I am blogging to you lovely people. 

Just make sure you stay tuned for pics, and stories coming to you from the Official Breaking Dawn Part 1 convention in LA.

Posts coming from @AbsolutTwilight & @TeamSexyVolturiGuard all weekend long.

You never know what to expect, perhaps some exclusives -grins-

Hit that follow button on the blog and on twitter give aways coming up be sure to stay tuned. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Christina Perri's A thousand years

Her voice is brilliant and full of love and wonder and just draws you in.. I think it has to be my fave so as of now of the Breaking Dawn part 1, movie soundtrack.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twilight pics

Alice and Jasper

Ashley Greene

Team Jasper

Major Whitlock, ma'am

Her other option

The true Alpha


The baby of the pack

They need to eat

Sexy Rob...

Zafrina queen of the jungle

Rob Pics

Monday, October 3, 2011

What if Edward to save Bella’s life joined the Volturi on St. Marcus day?

Imagine if you will, that the only way to save Bella’s life when she went to Volterra was to join the Volturi. Imagine the possibilities just for one second.
Bella goes crashing into Edward, just to see him one more time, to let him know that she is very much alive and well.  Alice not being very far behind sees the fate of them all.
Felix and Demetri show up as already planned, they begin to whisk away Bella and Edward and in comes Alice.  Fear is in her eyes as she meets Edward and he easily knows already what has been planned.  Their minds begin to race, Bella confused as they are brought in front of Aro.  In this scenario though full Volturi guard are present at the guests arrival.
Aro commands, Felix to kill the girl, unless Edward joins the guard along with Alice. Aro knows how valuable their gifts will be to the guard.
Edward being in love with Bella knows the only to save her and allow her to have a normal existence and grow old as he wants is to join the guard and let her live her life, agrees to Aro’s demands.
Alice and Bella scream at him futility; Chelsea already in place binds Edward to Aro and the guard immediately.  Alice, hugging Bella for one last time telling Bella to tell Jasper she loves him and takes her place beside Edward as Chelsea binds her to the guard.
Aro for once keeps his word and allows Bella to leave, but vows to keep an eye on her, now that he has Alice to see what her actions and decisions will be.
Bella goes back to Forks and then explores her new option in Jacob. He is the one and only one she can share what has happened, and knows the real story.  Many sleepless nights and crying nightmares of the Volturi, Bella can soon find some comfort in Jake once again.

More to come…..

Saturday, September 24, 2011


So my mom is NOT a Twilight fan (I know how can I bare to be near her) she has watched Twilight, Eclipse and then New Moon. Yes she was out of sorts.
My 66 year old mother is now a HUGE Taylor Lautner fan. Screams like a teenager when she sees him. Now I hear her screaming from the other room as she is reading the reviews of #Abduction .
Why is she a fan you ask?
"Look at his body, Jenn" Yeah so I guess we never really grow up.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Xavier Samuel Out Takes from EW

Out takes from Xavier's EX photo shoot. 

More outtakes from the Eclipse EW here via Team Twilight. < Thanks Guys! 

Jamie Cambell Bower, Xavier Samuel, Are 'Anonymous'

The cast of Anonymous stepped out last night in Toronto for the debut of the Roland Emmerich-helmed film, which hits theaters on Oct. 28. Rhys Ifans, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Xavier Samuel were on hand, along with their costars Joely Richardson and Rafe Spall, for the world premiere. The period piece explores the story of Shakespeare and questions whether the man from Stratford Upon Avon was the true author of some of the world's most beloved plays and poems.

Read more here
( via )

Abduction, VIP Premiere

So on September 15, 2011 I was invited to go see the VIP special premiere of Taylor Lautner's Abduction. I must say I was in fact very impressed. 
I have never been a huge Taylor fan, but he was pretty good and very impressive in this action packed, 'Bourne' type movie. 
Filmed in the city of Pittsburgh, Lautner plays Nathan an average kid with deep rooted secrets he doesn't even know about, just yet. Of course it wouldn't be Hollywood without a love interest, Taylor's co-star Lilly Collins plays his love, Karen. 
This movie is action packed from start till finish, not your typical "teen" movie at all. Bring your boyfriends as they will love the ass kicking and the action.
Taylor having a background in martial arts training, went to Pittsburgh a few weeks before filming began to start with some boxing, to get prepared.
Lautner's costar, Jason Isaacs said, "Lautner can take on the entire cast with both arms tied behind his back." when interviewed on the black carpet in reference to his skills as an action star. Lautner did most of his stunts himself, including the one with him sliding down the roof of PNC Park; home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
This even was the first of it's kind, not only did they do a live stream from the black carpet of LA, but 20 cities were picked to sit and watch the live stream and the movie, before its highly anticipated release date of September 23. 

Action, guns, fighting, teen angst and of course Taylor's abs makes this move a must see.
I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Friday, September 16, 2011

'Twilight' web, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace pages (filmmakers)

 Stephenie Meyer (Author)
Little, Brown Books (Publishing group)
Kimbra Hickey (Hand model on the cover of Twilight)
Summit Entertainment (Film studio)
Melissa Rosenberg (Screenwriter)
David Slade (Director, Eclipse)
Chris Weitz (Director, New Moon)
CAST (in alphabetical order by last name)
Marlane Barnes ("Maggie")
Charlie Bewley ("Demetri")
Myanna Buring ("Tanya")
Gil Birmingham ("Billy Black")
Jamie Campbell Bower ("Caius")
Patrick Brennan ("Liam")
Cameron Bright ("Alec")
Billy Burke ("Chief Charlie Swan")
Christian Camargo ("Eleazar")
Justin Chon ("Eric Yorkie")
Daniel Cudmore ("Felix")
Peter Facinelli ("Dr. Carlisle Cullen")
Jodelle Ferland ("Bree Tanner")
Noel Fisher ("Vladimir")
Olga Fonda
Janelle Froehlich
Andrea Gabriel ("Kebi")
Edi Gathegi ("Laurent")
Leah Gibson ("Nettie")
Kiowa Gordon ("Embry Call")
Ashley Greene ("Alice Cullen")
Tyson Houseman ("Quil Alteara")
Lisa Howard ("Siobhan")
Anna Kendrick ("Jessica Stanley")
Tinsel Korey ("Emily Young")
Taylor Lautner ("Jacob Black")
Rachelle Lefevre ("Victoria" in Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon)
Kellan Lutz ("Emmett Cullen")
Amadou Ly
Mia Maestro ("Carmen")
Alex Meraz ("Paul")
Erik Odom ("Peter")
Bronson Pelletier ("Jared")
Kirsten Prout ("Lucy")
Jackson Rathbone ("Jasper Hale")
Nikki Reed ("Rosalie Hale")
Angela Sarafyan ("Tia")
Christian Serratos ("Angela Weber")
Michael Sheen ("Aro")
Judi Shekoni ("Zafrina")
Chaske Spencer ("Sam Uley")
Boo Boo Stewart ("Seth Clearwater")
Bill Tangradi ("Randall")
Solomon Trimble ("Sam" in Twilight)
Toni Trucks ("Mary")
Justine Wachsberger ("Gianna" in New Moon)
Guri Weinberg ("Stefan")
Michael Welch ("Mike Newton")
( Via TwiExaminer ) - Updated October 23, 2010

Twilight ExaminerTwitter • Facebook • YouTube • Email

Between kissing and action scenes, Lautner says, 'One's a little easier than the other.'

HOLLYWOOD — MTV News has been hot on the case of Taylor Lautner's big action thriller, "Abduction," ever since it was announced. As such, in recent months, we've chatted with Lautner and co-star Lily Collins about everything from the film's complex and stylized action to its sweet, believable romance, to the actors' action-star influences and intense prep work.
( Via MTV )
To read more of the article. go to  MTV

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Super excited to go see Taylor Lautner tonight in the VIP sneak preview of his new movie Abduction.
Pics and live stream to come. See you then.