Thursday, April 26, 2012

ALL New, Vampire Bella..

Well summit Entertainment has us all amped up now by releasing these pics, of a new vampire Bella, standing by Edward and also a new still of Jake.

What do you think?

Thanks Summit!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

All for a GREAT cause

I am hoping you all follow most if not all the "twilight" actors and actresses, if you don't well shame on you. ;) 

If you only follow one of our Twi-Stars let it be the amazing Guri Weinberg who's official twitter is @GuriWeinberg .

Guri the practical joker started something while on the set of Breaking Dawn with his co-star Noel Fisher and has spun into what needs to be a global phenomenon for charity. 
His Charity is described below from one of his many followers and contributors:

What is GFYS?

GFYS originally began as a practical joke using a naughty word. GFYS4Charity emerged as a movement for good.

GFYS4Charity’s mission is to identify and assist under served,local non-profit organizations, focused on services for children or animal welfare, through publicity and fundraising for the organizations.

(Written by GFYS4Charity Supporter Amy K. Taylor)

 The Charity that is spotlighted right now is

'Ring Dog Rescue is a rescue group dedicated to the "Bully Breeds", which is defined as any dog having bulldog lineage. We are a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization and are currently listing adoptable "bullies" from, not only Ring Dog Rescue, but our other rescue friends and those who have opened their door to an orphaned "bully" in private rescue.'

You can follow their twitter @ringdogrescue 

Dogs that are described as 'bullys' are often put down if they cannot find a home. They need our help!

So I am asking you all to shop if you can ans support ALL of his great causes!  And also look into

Thanks for your time, stayed tuned for some great raffles and auctions to help this great cause and many others. 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Breakfast with Boo Boo and Dan

We had breakfast Sunday morning with, Dan, Boo Boo, Chaske, Julia and Casey just a tease of Boo boo (standing on the stage ) and Dan

Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at

The hot wolf went to Nashville - Chaske Spencer

His deep voice is just so amazing and his hugs are warm and comforting, I was so happy to see Chaske Spencer again, at a convention. Just a few for now ladies to wet your whistle.

Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at

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Disclaimer: Once again, if you would like to use any of the pics please, make sure you give us credit here at and/or our twitter @AbsolutTwilight

The stunning @CaseyLaBow at @Twi_tour Nashville

Team Denali was represented. I gotta tell ya Casey LaBow is just stunning in person! I hope my Team Denali girls, like this teaser.

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Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at

Some teasers of @danielcudmore at @twi_tour Nashville

Who doesn't like a bad boy? Here are a few pics of Daniel Cudmore from Saturday the 14th at the Nashville convention.

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Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at

The Gorgeous @JuliaRJones @Twi_Tour #Nashville

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Get Tent City ready.

Attention all Twilight Fans, want to look great when you get to meet the stars at Tent City this year? Well look no further then @TwiBetween and

Together we can get into shape Join their Facebook group today and get started!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free today @Pinevilleheist for your Kindle!

Learn all about the pineville heist here ->

Pineville heist is going to made into a movie and its going to be staring Boo Boo Stewart. Read it before you can see it. TODAY only the BOOK IS FREE FOR YOUR KINDLE -->

Scoop it up while it lasts!

via:  @BlakeBooks @Pinevilleheist.

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Questions for the stars!

Ever wish you could ask the stars of Twilight questions? Well here is your chance. We will be attending the Twilight convention in Nashville, TN next weekend April 13-15 and we can ask the stars YOUR questions.

So get your questions ready; comment on this post and we can try to get your questions answered by:
Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley):
Daniel Cudmore (Felix of the Volturi):
Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater):
Christian Camargo ( Eleazar of the Denali Clan):
Julia Jones ( Leah Clearwater):
Casey LaBow ( Kate of the Denali):

Again comment on this post and make sure you are following @AbsolutTwilight on twitter and maybe you will get to see your questions getting answered.

Also follow @twi_tour and see when the conventions may be coming to your area soon!

Disclosure: We will weed out the inappropriate questions, We cannot guarantee all questions will get asked as there are many that are also attending and other questions may get asked and answered. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Interview with a Vampire.

I recently had the chance to interview @LieDetectorChas, a nomadic vampire. He was a very charming fellow, gorgeous of course, and very caviler, he had no problems answering my questions.

To save us all sometime my notes are posted below. So you can quickly see what I mean.  

1-So Charles, you were born in 1922, and just roam around with Makenna; do you have a place to call your own, like a home base? At this time we don’t have a home per say, but we always return to Barcelona at the end of each journey we embark on. That’s our place.

2-Are you married to Makenna? Yes. We married in 1951.

3-I understand, by reading your bio that you know when someone is telling the truth, but weren't you the least bit scared when she told you? To be honest I wasn't scared but more interested. She was so much different than anything I had ever read or seen about vampires.

4-You say it was part of Makenna's history, is now a part of yours as well, I mean do you still carry on the family tradition? Yes. Occasionally we meet and carry out duties for her family such as the meeting with the Cullens. Makenna is very proud of her family and my understanding is that my power is of interest to Master Aro but he will never push to far.

5-Did Makenna explain her family's history to you when she came back to you after that year, when she told you that she was a vampire? Yes she did. Makenna told me that she knew of her destiny before even meeting me and had no intention of falling in love but did. It was after I agreed to join her in this life that she spoke of Luca and the Volturi. She wanted to make sure I was prepared for everything.

6-You being so young, do you regret not having any children with the love of your life? No. I believe firmly that some people are created to be nurturing parents and that is not for us. We are complete with just each other.

7-Should I assume that you are not a vegetarian, vampire? How does one dispose of the bodies? After so many years you begin to create ideas. Sometimes if near the coast we hide the bodies below the sand, we may burn them, just depends on where we are in the world and how we feel at the time.

8-Have you ever met the Volturi are they as awful as we humans imagine? I have met them quite a few times but really they are not as harmful as most believe. They keep structure and laws in this world. Though humans should find all vampires awful, may save their lives.

9-When you woke after being turned were all your senses heightened? Did you get scared hearing all the sounds from so far away? My senses were heightened about a hundred more times than a human. It's a bit overwhelming at first when you open your eyes and can literally make out the waves on dust. The first thing I smelled was the irresistible smell of Makenna that I had never.

10-Am I safe sitting here with you, for this interview? Right at this moment yes, in ten minutes probably not.

11-How old are you exactly, I mean in human years and in vampire years I guess it is. I was 27 when I was changed. Technically you could say I am 89, will be 90 in May. 

Let me tell you ladies he doesn't look a day older then 27 :) 

This of course is all about our weekly posts on Wednesday, called Role Play Wednesday. Every week I am going to talk to one of the many Twilight role players on twitter. 

We all read the fan fic, well Rpers make it come to life. Some dirty and some not, but its all in great fun. stay tuned for next weeks guest and please ladies and gents make sure you are following our friend @LieDetectorChas

Monday, April 2, 2012

popsugar gives us a shirtless Rob video

We are expanding our horizons

Are you a fan fic writer, well want to hear from you. 
We are going to start showcasing some of YOUR favorite fan fics. All you need to do is:
1- Give us a link to the fan fic
2- Tell us why this is your fave
3- Give us the twitter of the author if they have one.

Then we will post that fan fic for all to see and then archive for everyone to read later on.

Where are my Role Players at? 
Wednesday at is for you!
We want to take away the stigma that RP has. Not all RP is about sex, I should know I too am an role-player. Every Wednesday we are going to showcase you.
All you need to do is get a hold of me via twitter @AbsolutTwilight and We'll talk via Dms
I will blog about you post your twitter and it will be archived for others. 
Maybe even interview your character for some unique fun. 

Any comments or suggestions let me know - @AbsolutTwilight