Saturday, April 7, 2012

Questions for the stars!

Ever wish you could ask the stars of Twilight questions? Well here is your chance. We will be attending the Twilight convention in Nashville, TN next weekend April 13-15 and we can ask the stars YOUR questions.

So get your questions ready; comment on this post and we can try to get your questions answered by:
Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley):
Daniel Cudmore (Felix of the Volturi):
Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater):
Christian Camargo ( Eleazar of the Denali Clan):
Julia Jones ( Leah Clearwater):
Casey LaBow ( Kate of the Denali):

Again comment on this post and make sure you are following @AbsolutTwilight on twitter and maybe you will get to see your questions getting answered.

Also follow @twi_tour and see when the conventions may be coming to your area soon!

Disclosure: We will weed out the inappropriate questions, We cannot guarantee all questions will get asked as there are many that are also attending and other questions may get asked and answered. 

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