Monday, October 3, 2011

What if Edward to save Bella’s life joined the Volturi on St. Marcus day?

Imagine if you will, that the only way to save Bella’s life when she went to Volterra was to join the Volturi. Imagine the possibilities just for one second.
Bella goes crashing into Edward, just to see him one more time, to let him know that she is very much alive and well.  Alice not being very far behind sees the fate of them all.
Felix and Demetri show up as already planned, they begin to whisk away Bella and Edward and in comes Alice.  Fear is in her eyes as she meets Edward and he easily knows already what has been planned.  Their minds begin to race, Bella confused as they are brought in front of Aro.  In this scenario though full Volturi guard are present at the guests arrival.
Aro commands, Felix to kill the girl, unless Edward joins the guard along with Alice. Aro knows how valuable their gifts will be to the guard.
Edward being in love with Bella knows the only to save her and allow her to have a normal existence and grow old as he wants is to join the guard and let her live her life, agrees to Aro’s demands.
Alice and Bella scream at him futility; Chelsea already in place binds Edward to Aro and the guard immediately.  Alice, hugging Bella for one last time telling Bella to tell Jasper she loves him and takes her place beside Edward as Chelsea binds her to the guard.
Aro for once keeps his word and allows Bella to leave, but vows to keep an eye on her, now that he has Alice to see what her actions and decisions will be.
Bella goes back to Forks and then explores her new option in Jacob. He is the one and only one she can share what has happened, and knows the real story.  Many sleepless nights and crying nightmares of the Volturi, Bella can soon find some comfort in Jake once again.

More to come…..

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