Thursday, February 23, 2012

Attention Boo Boo Stewart fans ( @RealBoobooFivel )

We all love to read the book before the movie right? Well, here is your chance to read the book The Pineville Heist the newest project that Boo Boo Sewart has signed on to. He will be playing the lead role, something we all knew was coming, Aaron Stevens.  

Want more info on where to find the book? Of course you do, Go to and they have all the information and news posted. Can't wait? Then go to right now and look up The Pineville Heist.

Better yet get it delivered wirelessly to your Kindle or any cell that you have your Kindle app on for the low price of $0.99 what a bargain for such a great book. Find the kindle version here

Keep following us for news updates and giveaways dealing with Boo Boo Stewart and The Pineville Heist

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