Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Q & A with the twi-stars

Ever want to ask questions to some of your fave Twilight stars? Well now is your chance. We are going to be at the North Carolina Twilight Convention March 10-11, and we would love to ask the stars your questions. 

Click me to see a full list of who will be at the convention and submit your questions to us and we will do our best to get them answered for you and post their responses. 

Ask Chaske, Alex, Boo Boo, Christian and Mia through your friends here at 


  1. Ok here;s my question for Chaske:
    What Native Custom of the Lakota tribe means the most to you and why?
    BOO BOO: I have a son with Severe Autism, I know you did research for the White Frog Role, But Did you or have you ever spent any time with a Aspergers person?

    Alex: What inspires you to do your beautiful drawings and paintings?

    Christian: I am also Italian what part of Italy is your ancestry from? I'll see you in NJ July.
    Mia: What did you think of being in a Twilight Saga movie?

  2. Almudena from Belgium

    Question for Alex

    At this point of your life, are you really happy?
    Have you managed to be completely honest with yourself and be the best person you can be?