Friday, June 22, 2012

Fan Fic Friday

Today starts the weekly addition of Fan Fic Friday.

Today's Fan fic is called  'For Love'
It features Aro and Sulpicia.

Here is a quick glimpse, make sure you click the link at the bottom to read more....


Pain is good. Pain tells you that you're alive.

But it also reminds you that even though your body is indestructible, your mind, spirit, and emotions are not.

Not all pain is physical.

The ache in my chest—where my heart should still be beating—throbbed painfully as his face filled my mind once again. His perfect, authoritative, beautiful face…

His face in my mind reflects the small smile that he gives me when he is pleased. Or when he non-verbally expresses, 'I love you'.

With a dry and agonized sob, I slid down the wall, bending my knees and hugging them to my chest once I was seated on the floor. I leaned my head against my knees, shoulders shrugging quickly as I tried to stifle my cries. I didn't want anyone to hear.

Especially not the Cullens.

Cullens…how I despise them for what they have done.

They were 'kind' enough to allow me a guest bedroom in their home, along with Marcus—the other survivor with me after the battle.

I did not call it hospitality, as Marcus did. I called it imprisonment.

Aro had also survived, but he was not taken by the Cullens.

Instead, they gave him to the wolves.

They would determine his fate.

I remember having to be restrained by the two younger males among the Cullens as Carlisle agreed to hand Aro over to the wolf leader. I screeched, screamed, and pleaded for them to have mercy. I knew the wolves would kill him without hesitation.

Not my love…not my Aro…

The very idea was enough to double me over with sobs. But I would not give the Cullens the satisfaction…

Source:  For Love
Via: @Shandra_Mutchie 

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