Sunday, July 22, 2012

Green with envy! Twilight star Kristen Stewart shows off her fantastic form on the golf course

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Her form is enough to make most people go green with envy.

And this also proved to be true on the golf course as Twilight actress Kristen Stewart showed off her skill in Los Angeles on Friday.
The 22-year-old proved to have impressive touch as she tried to get her ball in the hole with a putt attempt on the green.

Of course, with a name like Stewart one would expect she would be a bit of a natural at the Scottish game.

No doubt her legion of male fans will be pleased to see her showing off her impressive form in Pacific Palisades.

And while she was probably not following club protocol, her skin-tight hotpants will have surely brought a smile to the faces of club members.
The perfectionist Snow White and the Huntsman star did not look pleased with where her ball ended up, despite her impressively fluid stroke,
No doubt she was disappointed after seeing her putt stop agonisingly close to the whole.
Whatever the reason there is little doubt her fans will think she is just par-fect.


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