Monday, July 16, 2012

We all have our fave moments from Comic Con, do yours stack up to MTV?

'Breaking Dawn' At Comic-Con: Our Favorite Moments

Let's relive the best moments of the 'Twilight' victory lap in San Diego.

By Terri Schwartz

SAN DIEGO — Comic-Con bid a bittersweet farewell to "The Twilight Saga" this weekend as "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" marked the series' fourth and final panel at the convention.
It was as hard for the cast to say goodbye to the franchise as it was for the fans, and Summit sent "Twilight" off with a bang in San Diego. In honor of the series' dominance of Comic-Con for the past five years, we've pulled together our favorite moments from the weekend to share with you guys:

The First Seven Minutes Debut
Though Bill Condon couldn't attend the"Breaking Dawn - Part 2" Hall H panel , he said he wanted to kick it off by picking up exactly where we left off in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1." That meant showing off the first seven minutes of the movie, which included Kristen Stewart's favorite scene: Bella's first hunt. It only helped that we got surprise "Host" footage from Stephenie Meyer too.

And Then There Was the Animal Sex
If you thought "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" had some steamy sex scenes, just wait until you see what's in store for "Part 2." "We just wanted it to be animals, you're not humans anymore," Stewart said during the movie'sComic-Con press conference. "Yeah, how do you do that? We tried, and they told us it was rated R, and we were like [snaps]." That was about as inappropriate as the time Robert Pattinson said he wanted to "lick the pages" of "Fifty Shades of Grey."

A Time to Look Back
"Twilight" first premiered at Comic-Con back in 2008, meaning the series has spent its entire run being promoted in San Diego's summer movie festival. With "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" being the last film in the franchise, the cast spent a lot of time looking back. Nikki Reed said Comic-Con was the moment she realized how big the series was, while Stewart said she enjoys the "blast of energy" from fans every year.

It's Not Easy Being a Parent
Mackenzie Foy and her swear jar were two of the funniest topics of our "Breaking Dawn" Comic-Con takeover live stream. It turns out she made quite a few bucks from catching her fellow castmembers accidentally "cussing," just like Stewart did during the movie's press conference. Robert Pattinson admitted that on-set fatherhood was "a strange experience" that meant he's "not a kid anymore."

There Are Many New Vampires
One of the coolest parts of the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" panel was the introduction — in person! — of all the new vampires we meet in the movie. Some of them stopped by the MTV News Comic-Con headquarters and proved to be just as charming as the big three stars are. What we would have paid to have seen the "Thriller"-style dance-off that Maggie Grace, Mia Maestro and Casey LaBow teased during our interview.

Say Goodbye to "Midnight Sun"
Meyer might love "The Twilight Saga," but she is done with vampires for the time being. She said as much during the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" panel, but specifically told MTV News that "Midnight Sun" isn't coming anytime soon. She also doesn't think Summit will reboot the series without her. "I think that obviously that could happen, and in the right scenario, it might be something that I'd be excited about," Meyer added.

Gone But Not Forgotten
Casting a somber pall over the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" panel was the death of "Twilight" fan Gisela Gagliardi. Both the fans and the cast offered kind words about her tragic passing. "Whenever you're faced with horrific tragedy, it's important to remember love at all cost," Jackson Rathbone said. "It takes time, but if you just remember that the love is with you for the rest of your life, your memory of them will be with you the rest of your life, that is beautiful. My condolences and my heartfelt sympathy for everybody."


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