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Dropping the ball at #SDCC2012 :

‘An Open letter to Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate and Creation Entertainment’

Via: @AbsolutTwilight

I am a huge fan of the Twilight Saga and there is no hiding my love for the bad boys of the Volturi and yes I know the books do not revolve around them, but it’s a shame when they are just plain neglected. They are part of the books, may not an integral part of the entire saga, but dare I say they are a huge focal point of the last book and more importantly the last movie ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2’?

I know I am right about that, I did read the books and with Nessie being considered an Immortal Child and the fear of the Volturi coming and being prepared for a fight, why oh why were none of the Volturi at the Comic Con panel in San Diego a couple of weeks back?

We have all sorts of new vampires that are being introduced and they were on hand, yet sadly Summit/Lionsgate dropped the ball and did not have ANY of the Volturi members there to represent our beloved saga.  Well boo on you!

It’s almost like they are an afterthought. We get promos of the Cullen’s (which I am not complaining about) and always the wolves, now we have seen a glimpse of some of the Nomads and the Amazon, but sadly not a picture of Aro, or Marcus, or even the sexy guards, Felix and Demetri ( Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley). Where are they at and when can we finally expect to see them released?

Daniel Cudmore was at #SDCC this year promoting his role of Master Chief for Halo 4, and I am sure he would have been happy to represent both.  Did you even ask him to make an appearance?  By reading his very sarcastic words about “look at all the Volturi promo pictures and posters” I am going to say NO, you didn’t even bother.

Some of us just want to see more and with the upcoming film the last installment, I think it would be prudent for you to show the Volturi the justice and courtesy and get to pimping and promoting them.

There are more fantastic vampires being introduced and we would like to see more of them in the way of promo and pictures and even merchandise we can purchase! We would love to be able to be able to get some #Denali goodies and #Amazon merchandise. There is more to this last movie then just the Cullen’s.

For most of us (speaking for myself) we did fall in love with Edward and Bella and got sucked into the love story of them both. But as the story went on and we got to meet new people, Jacob, Aro, Felix new loves and maybe some obsessions were formed. Edward will always be my first love, he was the one that gave me chills up my spine, but then you introduced us to the Volturi. We got to see more of them in the movies and got introduced to them in more detail then we had in the books and for me a love was born.  I am not alone in this I assure you.

Fan Fictions were born dedicated to the Volturi and other covens as well.
The public wants more than the basics. We want more covens and pictures and merchandise!

I was lucky to meet the very awesome and sweet Judi Shekoni in Orlando via one of the many Twilight Conventions I have attended provided by Creation Entertainment, I would love to see more pictures and promos of her coven as well. I am very much #TeamAmazon and #TeamVolturi

To the lovely people at Creation Entertainment:

With the conventions coming to end (which I am not understanding why) GIVE US MORE MERCHANDISE from some of the other covens beyond the Cullen’s and the Wolves. You are having Mr. Christian Camargo at New Jersey in October, how about some #TeamDenali merchandise?  Also Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley will be there, any chance of having some #TeamVolturi merchandise? I have creation spendable cash I need to use! While we are on the subject of the Volturi can you PLEASE get with the people at Summit/Lionsgate and get the updated pics of their characters for the posters that you will be hanging and ultimately auctioning off? You slacked and ONLY had Dan’s pictures of Felix from NEW MOON not even the Eclipse pictures in Nashville in April of 2012!

Please consider ALL the fans and ALL the vampires and ALL the covens when releasing the last installment of the movie. We want to see more than just the basics!

#TeamNomad – WE want more Toni Trucks and Eric Odom
#TeamAmazon More Judi Shekoni and Tracey Higgins
#TeamVolturi MUCH more Jamie Campbell Bower, and Daniel Cudmore and Christopher Heyerdahl
#TeamDenali WE NEED more Christian Camargo, Mia Maestro
#TeamWolfpack more of the very awesome Julia Jones and Boo Boo Stewart
#TeamRomanian WE NEED more Noel Fisher and the awesome (yes I am biased) Guri Weinberg

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