Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What’s all the fuss? Is this #Robstengate

In the past week pictures, and now statements have “been made” in regards to what I am now calling Robstengate.

The tabloids have posted pictures and then all the news stations and the rest of the gossip magazines followed suit that Kristen Stewart, our beloved Bella has cheated on Robert Pattinson. In rebuttal, Kristen herself has posted an apology for cheating on Rob. Can we believe any of it?

I mean I have seen the pictures in question and there is a thing call Photoshop, so are these pictures credible? I have seen a lot of our fandom break down these pictures pixel by bloody pixel in hopes that they can in fact find the truth out themselves. But I have a better question… Why do we care?

I love Rob, loved him since he was Cedric Diggory. I am a fan of Kristen, not a Krisbian at all, but a fan of her work. Why are we so obsessed as fandom that they may no longer a couple? How does that change how we feel of them as actors? They are still going to act, in many other roles. Rob will soon be seen in ‘Cosmopolis’, and KStew has other projects on the horizon as well.

I have also seen the people taking sides? Why on earth would we do that? They are actors that fell in love. It is quite common of an occurrence.  Michael Sheen was once in love and had a child with his co-star Kate Beckinsale. Anyone take a side on that or better yet care that she is now with the director of her very lucrative franchise ‘Underworld’? The answer is no.

Fan sites have been deleted as well as twitters and for what? 
Fans have declared sides and for what?

Fans have said they forgive HER, and for what?

This is utter insanity ladies. Twilight fans for the most part have a bad rep for being young and immature and we are just playing into that image that they have. Stop taking sides. This didn’t happen to us. Why the insanity?

Can someone please explain why everyone is crying and so upset over this?
People are so easily ready to blame Kristen, what happen to blaming the other man, Rupert? How come no one is blaming him or bad mouthing him? He was there and IS partially if not all to blame for Kristen’s indiscretion.  After all, “A prick has no conscience.”

In closing, just please stop the insanity and grow up. They or she doesn’t need our forgiveness. We fell in love with them both because of Twilight, and if we think they are talented, we can and still should support them NO MATTER WHAT! She isn’t asking for our forgiveness she is asking for his. He is the ONLY one she needs to account for any of this NOT US. She isn’t dating us, nor did she ever.  Just please let it be and move on. I assure you the world will still revolve despite #RobstenGate . 

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